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Annelise de Jager. She started out in the world as a social worker, and in those years already wanted to change the world!! She is well known for the annual "Casual Day" campaign which she started and successfully ran for 18 years until she decided to disassociate from the main beneficiary at the end of 2012. 

Now she is adding Tekkie Tax to her repertoire. "Now there is an opportunity for the biggest and smallest organisation in the country to participate in a trustworthy national fundraising campaign with the assurance that each participating organisation will share in the proceeds of the project's central bank account."  


Annelise de Jager | Vision

  • Vision: To lift the NGO sector in South Africa to a new level, to inspire the people working there and to make the organisations successfull.


Annelise de Jager | Mission

  • Mission:  To ensure that the money donated to welfare organisations will reach the correct organisations and is utilised in the best possible way while making sure that value is also added to the person or company who made the donation.


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