The Marketing Team

Somebody has to do the work, the hard-grinding, the "getting-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-operational-stuff". And there is no better company in the city, province or world than The Marketing Team (Pty) Ltd. Under the leadership of Annelise, this all-girl team have walked through fire by raising more than R170 million for the annual Casual Day campaign before disassociating from the main beneficiary at the end of 2012. Now they are running the Tekkie Tax campaign and the results of their second campaign exceeded all expectations!  

They know the recipe, they have the heart and dedication, and they are excited to spread their wings of expertise to cover more sectors of welfare services than even before. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The Marketing Team staff members are: 

Heidi Lockem – The only way to get 17 years of experience is to go through 17 years of hard work, learning valuable lessons and mastering the skill of keeping a few balls in the air at any given time. "I love my work! My heart lies with disability and children and I will make sure to walk the extra mile for them!" 

 Anna Mokwetli – She is in charge of our NGO's: looking after them, motivating them and helping them every step of the way to raise funds for their organisation via the infra-structure of the project. "I love all the sectors we support but the biggest part of my heart is in children and education." 

Cornel Theron – Our PR, publicity and media staff member ensures that the world out there takes note of our work and helps us bring the message to you. It is her job to keep advertising costs to the minimum by getting sponsored advertising and promotional spots. "Animals, animals and animals are my soft spot!!" 

Marilyn Rapeu – No office can survive without a good administrative lady, a jack of all trades and master of them all! Marilyn is ours and she adapts to where she can to serve the rest of the team. "Well, I do not know, actually I care about all the sectors we represent in this campaign . . .but if I have to choose one it will be disability". 

 Theresa Smith – The accounting lady makes sure that we keep our records on computer in tip-top shape and that all accounts balance at the end of the campaign. "My heart lies with children and education and I would do anything to help the organisations in these sectors even more because they are the future of our country." 

 Averill Henry – Every office needs a skilled person to (wo)man the front desk, the telephone and attend to all the tiny details that make an organisation run like clock-work. "I consider it a privilege to help people who are less fortunate as I have so much to be thankful for. I actually do not care where we focus our help, as long as we contribute to the well being of others, but if you really want an answer of where my heart lies . . . it would be disability, children and animals" 

Theamari Jonker - The creative one behind our designs, websites and electronic communication. She will ensure that our campaign stays fresh and funky! "I have a very close relationship with my grandfather and my heart goes out to the older people in our community who are struggling. I will choose a B sticker representing Basic Family Care as these organisations also care for older people" 

Linda Niemoller - She has been in the world of welfare organisations for years and years and we are honoured to have such an expert on board. As head of our BBBEE program, it is Linda's responsibility that all money donated be used in the best possible way. "I just fell in love with Highveld Horse Care when I recently visited them - so I think I will choose an Animal sticker this year"

Casual-Day-2012-web Tekkie-Tax-1-web
The Team that organised the last Casual Day in 2012. The Marketing Team's first Tekkie Tax campaign took place on 31 May 2013

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