Casual Day

Casual Day was the ultimate success story in terms of South African fundraising. The campaign, concentrating on raising funds for people with disabilities, was conceived by Annelise, together with some colleagues, in the course of 1994 with the first event taking place in 1995. Her inspiration, energy, and perseverance drove this project to become the most successful fundraising campaign of its kind in South Africa. Over a period of eighteen years, more than R170 million was raised to benefit people with disabilities.

2012 was the final year of Annelise' involvement with Casual Day when she disassociated herself from the main beneficiary of the campaign. Since then, another two of the six national beneficiaries also distanced themselves from Casual Day. 

1995 - Annelise, Annora and Ingrid celebrating their very first Casual Day by raising R413 000.

1996 - Annelise, Annora, Ingrid and Rochelle raised R1,2 million for persons with disabilities. 

1997 - Heidi joined the team and up till today is still part of it!! She helped to raise R2,1 million this year.

1998 - Willie Esterhuizen (aka Vetkoekpaleis se Worsie) helps to raise R3,3 million! 

1999 - Casually finalizing the businessplan to raise R4,8 million!

2000 - The first year of "Casual News" - another great idea - and R5,5 million is raised.

2001 - Two highlights for the year: The Marketing Team raise R5,2 million and baby Stefan is born!

2002 - R5,8 million raised by Annelise, Heidi, Helen, Anna and Heidi no2.

 2003 - R7,3 million raised by the well known team of Annelise, Heidi, Helen, Anna and Heidi no2!!

2004 - Cheers to R8,2 million!

 2005 - Celebrating the campaign's success of R10,1 million with Georg, an old Casual Day friend.

2006 - R12,1 million, what a record!!

2007 - R13,4 million raised by the well known team and a few new faces.

2008 - Celebrating R15,6 million with celebrity-friends Terence Bridgett and Roland Styles.

2009 - Celebrating yet another year of success: R17,6 million

2010 - This team of people raised R18 million!

2011 - Celebrating R20 million with Mathys Roets

2012 - The final year, going out on the high note of raising R22,7 million

Total amount raised in Casual Day under the leadership of Annelise - R173 million!!

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